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Victory VoIP is widely considered the most effective on-premise volunteer phone bank technology. On any given day in the election season thousands of volunteers simultaneously making calls on Victory VoIP phones. Feature rich, reliable, integrated and proven are why more Republican consultants choose Victory VoIP. Read More | Download PDF PDF

Live Calls

Live Calls

Everyone knows that voter ID, advocacy and GOTV calls are an essential part of every successful campaign. And with it becoming more difficult to connect with voters over the phone, it’s critical to make every contact count. Read More | Download PDF PDF

Victory Town Hall

Victory Town Hall

Victory Town Hall's format to engages voters and activists from small to large-scale audiences. Victory Town Hall is a great organizational tool. Read More | Download PDF PDF

Victory Cloud

Victory Cloud

Victory Cloud gives you the power to deliver automated recorded messages (also known as Robocalls) for a candidate, elected official, organization or PAC. Read More | Download PDF PDF

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Al Melvin

State Senator (R)
Arizona LD26

Thanks a million! Your system was our secret weapon and a vital part of our upset victory!

Larry Ward,

Political Media, Inc.
Washington, DC

"Victory Solutions truly understands the real meaning of the word 'partnership'. Their very skilled team is ready willing and able to assist my clients through the on-boarding process and throughout their campaigns."

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