Victory Town Hall

Victory Town Hall's format to engages voters and activists from small to large-scale audiences and is a great organizational tool.

  • Victory Town Hall is affordable, easy to execute, and tracks participation.
  • Victory provides extensive analytics after the call about how many people listened in, how many asked questions, how many joined online, how many didn’t pick up but received a message, and call drop-off rates.
  • Participation is easy. People can still finish the dishes or fold laundry and they don’t have to worry about having to leave their home or make special plans to participate. They don’t even have to dial or log in… They just answer the phone.
  • You can reach people who have limited mobility and/or limited access to technology.
  • Victory Town Hall offers a very broad reach. Average numbers of participants are much higher than the typical “brick and mortar” town hall forums or community meetings. Victory Town Halls typically reach thousands of people very easily, and often hundreds of people are actually listening and participating.
  • Victory Town Halls are personal. Participants feel a personal connection even if they don’t ask a question or interact.
  • Victory Town Hall is a great way to build a list – you get the names and numbers to be able to contact people in the future.

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Al Melvin

State Senator (R)
Arizona LD26

Thanks a million! Your system was our secret weapon and a vital part of our upset victory!

Constantin Querard, President

Grassroots Partners, LLC (
Phoenix, AZ

The Victory VOIP System has been a critical component in our campaign game plans for years, and it is a major reason why we are now Arizona’s winningest conservative consultants.

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