Victory VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is widely considered the most effective on-premise volunteer phone bank technology. On any given day in the election season thousands of volunteers simultaneously make calls on Victory VoIP phones. Feature rich, reliable, integrated and proven are why more Republican consultants choose Victory VoIP.

How it works:

Victory VoIP is a multi-functional, phone bank system that can triple volunteer call output, enabling voter contact goals to be reached faster, and with fewer volunteers. The Victory VoIP phone system is all-inclusive, and simple to use. Unlike traditional phone banks, all you need to get started is a high-speed internet connection (DSL, Cable, or T1), electricity, and volunteers.

Victory VoIP Travels...

The traveling Victory VoIP phone system comes in a self-contained sturdy wheeled case for easy transportation. Victory VoIP is available as a permanent fixture in a campaign headquarters, or as a traveling system that can be used in multiple locations.

Victory VoIP is simply the most advanced, user friendly tested phone bank system available.
  • Easy use for volunteers – can be set up and calling in 15 minutes.
  • No need for bubble sheets – information is input directly on high-contrast, easy to read phone screens.
  • Voicemail messages can be pre-recorded by the candidate, surrogate, or supporter and left with the touch of a button while the next call is being placed.
  • Compatible with all standard data sources including, but not limited to Voter Vault, proprietary systems, and Secretary of State databases. Off-site management – a computer is not required on-site.
  • Run multiple campaigns from the same phone bank location
  • Victory VoIP is much more than a phone bank...
  • Polling, Voter ID, and Robo Calls can all be done using the Victory VoIP system.
  • Victory VoIP automated polling uses proven technology that is much more affordable than traditional polling.
  • Automated poll scripts are recorded by professional voice talent and provide quick and accurate results.


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Al Melvin

State Senator (R)
Arizona LD26

Thanks a million! Your system was our secret weapon and a vital part of our upset victory!

Larry Ward,

Political Media, Inc.
Washington, DC

"Victory Solutions truly understands the real meaning of the word 'partnership'. Their very skilled team is ready willing and able to assist my clients through the on-boarding process and throughout their campaigns."

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